Join the WI Honey Producers Association at the 2021 Fall Convention Nov. 4-6, 2021

Hotel Mead & Conference Center

451 E. Grand Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids

(800) 843-6323

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Keynote Speaker SUE COBEY, Honeybee Insemination Service

  • SuImage previewe Cobey is an acknowledged international authority in the field of instrumental insemination and honey bee breeding. She has established and maintains the New World Carniolan Closed Population Breeding Program, now in its 37th generation, a recognized industry standard and a model program for teaching. Her specialized training classes, designed to teach the skills necessary for the selection and maintenance of honey bee stocks, attracts researchers and beekeepers worldwide. Sue’s experience includes management of Honey Bee Research Laboratories at the Ohio University State and the University of California, Davis. She developed an independent research program focused on post instrumental insemination care and survival of queens. Her extensive experience includes co-founding and operation of a commercial queen production business, Vaca Valley Apiaries in California.