Summer Meeting June 10 at DoubleTree Hilton in Appleton

The WHPA Summer Meeting will be held Saturday, June 10, 2023 at the DoubleTree Hilton in Appleton, WI. Speakers include Garett Slater from USDA & Purdue University, beekeeping panel Q&A, WI Apiary program updates, WI Honey Queen Kaelyn Sumner and more! Doors open June 10 at 7:45am. Meeting begins at 8:30am.


Garett Slater, Keynote Speaker for 2023 WHPA Summer Meeting on June 10th

KEYNOTE SPEAKER – GARETT SLATER: Garett Slater is a Postdoctoral Fellow for the USDA. He obtained his PhD from Purdue University in 2022, with a thesis focused on applying modern genetic tools to honey bee breeding. Previously, he completed a MS in Nutrition and Queen Quality at North Dakota State University. Garett’s current research focuses on developing genomic tools for beekeeping, including selecting for natural defenses towards Varroa, pathogens, and other diseases. He has worked as a scientist and technician with the Bee Informed Partnership at the University of Minnesota for two years, directly supporting 30 commercial beekeepers in North Dakota. Garett has 12 years of beekeeping experience, including 8 years working for a large commercial beekeeper in North Dakota.