2024 National 4-H Essay Contest Topic: Varietal Honeys
For this essay, a 4-H student should answer these questions: What makes a varietal honey?   What are some unique varietals? How are some of the valuable varietals confirmed to be authentic (e.g., Manuka honey UMF and MGO)? What are some culturally or economically important varietals and why are they important?
The 2024 National 4-H Beekeeping Essay Competition is open to active 4-H Club members only. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR COUNTY 4-H OFFICE FOR MORE INFO. Any 4-H Club member who placed first, second or third in previous years of the national competition is NOT eligible to win in 2024; however, state competition winners remain eligible to enter the national competition. Essays entered must encompass the designated topic only. There will be no exceptions.
Competition Rules & Essay Requirements: Any 4-H Club member interested in writing an essay should contact their local 4-H office for competition details. The state selection process must be completed through the 4-H system.
The deadline for national submission is May 1, 2024.
National winners will be announced: June 15, 2024
Awards: Three cash prizes will be awarded in the 2024 National 4-H Beekeeping Essay Competition. The author of the highest-scoring essay will win first prize. The author of the second-highest scoring essay will win second prize. The author of the third-highest scoring essay will win third prize.
  • First Prize: $750
  • Second Prize: $500
  • Third Prize: $250
The three prize-winning essays will be published in ABF Quarterly, the magazine of the American Beekeeping Federation. All authors of essays submitted to the national competition will receive a relevant book on honey bees, beekeeping, or honey.