Membership with the Wisconsin Honey Producers Association brings it’s own benefits and rewards. Through events and conventions, gathering with other beekeepers, and sharing experiences you will stay up-to-date with the latest developments in beekeeping, disease and pest control methods.  Most importantly you will join a growing community that exists to promote the importance of beekeeping to advance the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment.  Additionally you will glean valuable tips, advice, expertise and support with your beekeeping (ad)venture!

We welcome all beekeepers and people interested in beekeeping to join WHPA.

Annual dues are:

  • New Membership: $10 (1st year only)
  • Primary Members: $25
  • Spouse: $10
  • * Family Members At home/Under 18 $10 ea


How to Join: There are two steps to joining:

  1. Click this link for the membership form
  2. Pay the membership dues

    Photo Credit: Kent Pegorsch