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WHPA members are responsible for some of the best of Wisconsin honey. Find a Wisconsin honey producer near you, healthy bee-related products, local beekeepers, and helpful beekeeper resources. Use the search feature below to search by category, state, county or city!

Danielle Graves
Category: Beeswax, comb, Honey, soap
Danny Bravener
Category: Honey, Nuc
Dave Elsen
Category: Bee/Honey Education or Mentoring, Candles, Honey, Swarm Removal
David Ruhland
Category: Honey
David Zarling
Category: Honey
Dayton Kauth
Category: Honey, Pollination
Denali Farms LLC
Category: Beeswax, Candles, Education & Mentoring, Honey, Lip Balm, Lotions & Creams, Soaps
Denise Franke Sarvela
Category: Honey, Lip Balm, Lotions or Creams
Dennis Kersten
Category: Honey
Derald Kettlewell
Category: Beeswax, Candles, Honey
Dick Pantalone
Category: Honey
Donald Thill
Category: Beeswax, Honey, Swarm Removal
Donna Stine
Category: Hive Inspection
Douglas Jenks
Category: Honey
Douglas TImmerman
Category: Honey
Droughtville Bee Supply
Category: Beeswax, Creamed Honey, Honey, Mentor, Nucs, Pkg Bees, Woodenware
Duane Oudenhoven
Category: Honey
E & D Honey LLC
Category: Honey
East Troy Honey
Category: Beeswax, Honey
Edward Reynolds
Category: Honey, Swarm Removal