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WHPA members are responsible for some of the best of Wisconsin honey. Find a Wisconsin honey producer near you, healthy bee-related products, local beekeepers, and helpful beekeeper resources. Use the search feature below to search by category, state, county or city!

Joshua Tree Honey
Category: Honey, Swarm Removal
Judy Licht
Category: Honey
Kathy Bruno
Category: Honey
Kathy Hayes
Category: Bee/Honey Education or Mentoring, Beeswax, Honey
Keith Penney
Category: Honey, Swarm Removal
Ken McCormick
Category: Beeswax, Honey, Swarm Removal
Kickapoo Honey
Category: Honey, Pollination
Koehler's Honey Bee Farm
Category: Beeswax, Candles, Comb and Creamed Honey, Honey, Pollination
Kristie Rose
Category: Honey
Laura Foss
Category: Beeswax, Comb Honey, Honey, Pollination, Swarm Removal
Lazy Goat Studio, LLC
Category: Candles, Creamed Honey, Honey, Mentoring and Education, Northern Queens, Pollination
LB Werks
Category: 5-Frame Nucs, Honey, Pollination
LB Werks
Category: Beeswax, Honey, Pollination
Lisa Rezin
Category: Honey
Little Farm on Brown Road
Category: Bee/Honey Education or Mentoring, Beeswax, Candles, Honey
Lorences' Honey Bee Haven
Category: Beeswax, Candles, Honey
Lorie Floyd
Category: Honey, Swarm Removal
Louis Schwabe
Category: Honey, Swarm Removal
Martin Mykisen
Category: Custom Boxes, Honey, Swarm Removal
Mary Gross
Category: Candles